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Data release 2021

The THEREDA management board announces a new data release. The main difference to the last release is the addition of a thermodynamic model for plumbous lead. Complexes of lead with chloride, sulphate, and hydroxide are explicitly accounted for in this model. The presented data set for plumbous lead is valid for 298.15K only.

The complete release has been extensively tested in 296 test cases including more than 1400 numerical results for the following codes:

As in the former release we also offer a JSON-formatted version.

Due to the increasing complexity of the database it is possible to run calculations for systems for which THEREDA isn't qualified. Therefore, users are advised, to have a look on our continously growing list of application examples on our website.

Our website will soon be migrated to another software. Unfortunately, passwords cannot be migrated. Therefore, users will be required to use "forgot password" and re-enter a password. We apologize for the inconvenience.