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News: 10th and 11th release of data (December 9 and 19, 2016)

On December 09 and 19, 2016, new data was released from the Thermodynamic Reference Database (THEREDA).

The new releases of data from the THEREDA database come with parameter files for the system

R-10: Tc(IV)/Tc(VII) - Na - Cl - OH; Tc(IV) - Mg - Cl - OH; Tc(IV) - Ca - Cl - OH

R-11: Sr - Na, K, Mg, Ca - Cl, SO4 - HCO3/CO2(g) - H2O(l).

Valid range of temperature: 298.15 K

Supported codes: CHEMAPP, PHREEQC, Geochemist's Workbench, EQ3/6 (Version 8.0a)

The released data represent only a small part of all data stored in THEREDA. As documentation, assessment, amendment and testing of the data is an ongoing process, there will be further releases in the future covering more elements, reactions and interactions.