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Data Release THEREDA 2020

Select a link to get access to the parameterfile of the respective code, its MD5-checksum, and the release notes. Following "Earlier releases" you get access to all earlier released parameterfiles. They will not be updated anymore.

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Single Data Query: Here all thermodynamic data, the ion-ion interaction parameters (Pitzer model) and the temperature functions are available.

Ready-to-use DB: Tailored data bases are available for immediate use in supported geochemical codes (ChemApp, EQ3/6, Geochemist's Workbench and PHREEQC). The following data releases are available:

1. Release: System Na, K, Mg, Ca - Cl, SO4 - H2O(l) (polytherm)
2. Release: System Am(III), Cm(III), Nd(III) - Na, Mg, Ca - Cl, OH - H2O(l) (25°C)
3. Release: System Na, K, Mg, Ca - Cl, SO4 - HCO3/CO2(g) - H2O(l)
4. Release: System Np(V) - Na - Cl - H2O(l) (25°C)
5. Release: System Cs - K, Na, Mg, Ca, - Cl, SO4, CO3/HCO3/CO2(g) - H2O (25°C)
6. Release: System Si, Al - Na, K, Mg, Ca, - Cl, SO4, CO3/HCO3/CO2(g) - H2O(l) (25°C)
7. Release: System Th(IV), Np(IV), Pu(IV) - Na, K, Ca - Cl, CO3/HCO3/CO2(g) - H2O(l) (25°C)
8. Release: System Am(III), Cm(III) - Na - Cl, SO4, CO3/HCO3/CO2(g) - H2O(l) (25°C)
9. Release (Upgrade 1): System U(IV/VI) - Na, Mg, Ca, K - Cl, SO4, HCO3/CO2(g), Si, H2PO4/HPO4/PO4 - H2O(l) (25°C)
9. Release: System U(IV/VI) - Na, Mg, Ca, K - Cl, SO4, CO3/HCO3/CO2(g), Si - H2O(l) (25°C)
10. Release: System Na - Cl - Tc(IV) / TC(VII) - OH, Mg - Cl - Tc(IV) - OH, Ca - Cl - Tc(IV) - OH (25°C)
11. Release: System Sr - Na, K, Mg, Ca - Cl, SO4 - HCO3/CO2(g) - H2O (25°C)
12. Release: System HPO42−, H2PO4, PO43− - Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Cl, SO42−, CO32− – H2O(l) (25°C)

References: All references, from which the released THEREDA data sets were created, can be accessed here.

Element data: Here the thermodynamic data of the elements are listed in their reference states.