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folder PTKA Expert discussion Nov. 2008

Talks at the expert discussion of the Project Management Agency Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe - Water Technology and Waste Management Division (PTKA-WTE) " Development of a thermodynamic reference data base - THEREDA" in Karlsruhe on November 11, 2008.


pdf Talk 1 - Introduction (BMWi)

Talk of S. Koester (BMWi) "German Thermodynamic Reference Database - Contribution to the long-term safety performance of radioactive waste disposals and underground repositories" (in German)

pdf Talk 2 - Cooperative project (GRS)

Talk of the GRS "Cooperative project THEREDA - Development of a Thermodynamic Reference Database" (in German)

pdf Talk 3 - THEREDA-Online (FZD)

Talk of the FZD "Presentation of the on-line access of THEREDA)" (in German)

pdf Talk 4 - Saliniferous formation (TUBAF)

Talk of the TUBAF "Selection of the database and prediction of the solution progression in the saliniferous formation" (in German)

pdf Talk 5 - Toxic constituents (GRS)

Talk of the GRS "Mobilisation of toxic constituents from waste and the solubilty of heavy metal compounds" (in German)

pdf Talk 6 - Radionuclides (FZK)

Talk of the GRS "Prediction of the speciation and solubility of radionuclides"

pdf Talk 7 - Future prospects (GRS)

Talk of Helge Moog (GRS), in which he discussed the prospective activities in the second project stage (in German).