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Element Data

After free registration, users have full access to the following information:

Data View: Here all thermodynamic data, the ion-ion interaction parameters (Pitzer model) and the temperature functions are available.

Download: Tailored data bases are available for immediate use in supported geochemical codes (ChemApp, Geochemist's Workbench, PHREEQC, and TOUGREACT).

Element data: Here the thermodynamic data of the elements are listed in their reference states.

References: All references, from which the released THEREDA data sets were created, can be accessed here.

Quality criteria: All data in THEREDA (thermodynamic data and model parameters) are evaluated with respect to different indicators ("Category", "Class", "Source" and "Quality") as described under this menu item.

License: The THEREDA team aims to offer THEREDA to the widest possible range of users. Therefore, the data is published under the Creative Commons license. In the menu item "License" you may find more information.