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Introduction to the project

THEREDA provides thermodynamic data and Pitzer interaction coefficients for aqueous solutions which in conjunction with suitable codes allow for the calculation of solubilities of radio-toxic and chemical-toxic elements. For this we orient ourselves to the thermodynamic database from OECD-NEA (

Our work is focussed on the critical evaluation and provision of data which support the calculation of solubilities in high-saline solutions, as they can be encountered in rock salt formations. If necessary, data which are adopted from the NEA-database are therefore adapted or complemented. This means in particular that Pitzer interaction coefficients are saved in THEREDA and that thermodynamic standard data are consistent with them.

In difference to the very restrictive quality requirements for the NEA-database we also implement data of lower quality if they are necessary for the calculation of experimentally confirmed solubility data. The classification according to the source, the quality, and the kind of primary experimental data, from which the entered thermodynamic data were derived, is done according to a mutually agreed scheme and is visible to the users of THEREDA.

The internal data structure of THEREDA is designed quite generic, so that an extension of the database, e. g. for other potential types of host rock, is possible at all time. All THEREDA-partners work on the database in a decentralized way using a web-interface. This in conjunction with control mechanisms implemented in the databank sees for the compliance with quality requirements, a comprehensive documentation of the data and internal data consistency.

On biannual meetings of all THEREDA-partners the state of work is discussed and tasks at issue coordinated.

The THEREDA-partners are open for collaboration with other institutions from Germany and abroad, which are working on a similar field. Questions regarding possibilities for an associated partnership with THEREDA can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to all other project partners.